BSPS Area 14

British Show Pony Society


BSPS Area 14 covers the south east counties Kent, Sussex and Surrey. When you join the BSPS, you will be added to the area which covers the county you live in. Should you wish to join Area 14 but live outside the area, please state this on your registration form.


Next competitions is Working Sports Pony on 2nd June. Entries through MyRidingLife.


There are also showing clinics - usually February - and the agm in November and the Christmas Party and Points awards in December.


Please do not hesitate to get involved. New initiatives are welcome, as are people to help set up the shows and assist on the day. Phone anyone on the Committee or use the Contact us form.







Burghley Event Pony Qualifier cancelled
18th May 2021


Sadly with uncertainty over the location of the final of the Gold Cup, entries for our qualifier on 2nd June 2021 were very low. We have therefore taken the disappointing decision to cancel the event.


Show times on 24th April
April 2021


BSPS AREA 14 not before times

Ring One No of entries Not before time

Class 1 - 5 8.30

Class 2 5 9.00

Class 3 6 9.30

Class 4 3 10.00

Class 5 1 10.15

Class 6 2 10.30

Class 7 4 10.45

Class 8 4 11.10

Class 9 3 11.30

Class 10 9 11.45

Class 11 7 12.30 pm

Class 12 7 1.15 pm

Class 13 6 2.00

Class 14 6 2.45

Class 15 5 3.30



Ring Two Not before:

Class 16 2 8.30 a.m

Class 17 3 8.45

Class 18 2 9.15

Class 19 4 9.30

Class 20 4 10.00

Class 21 3 10.30

Class 22 3 11.15

Ring break

Class 22a 3 1.30 p.m.

Class 23 2 1.50

Classs 24 2 2.05

Class 25 2 2.15

Class 26 6 2.30

Class 27 5 3.10


Ring 3 not before:

Class 28 12 8.30 a.m

Class 29 6 9.45

Class 30 5 10.15

Class 31 7 10.50

Class 32 11 11.30

Class 32a 5 12.30 p.m

Class 32b 2 1.10 p.m.

Class 33 3 1.30

Class 34 5 1.45

Class 35 2 2.15

Class 36 2 2.30

Class 37 5 3.00

Class 38 4 3.30


Ring Four not before:

Class 39 5 8.30 a.m

Class 40 6 8.50

Class 41 3 9.30

Class 42 5 9.45

Class 43 8 10.10

Class 44 6 10.55

Class 45 2 11.40

Class 46 6 12.15 p.m.

Class 47 7 1.00 p.m.

Class 48 4 1.40

Class 49 3 2.00

Class 50 4 2.20

Class 51 2 3.00

Class 52 1 3.15

Class 53 3 3.30

Class 54 2 3.45

Class 55 3 4.00


Ring 5 not before:

Class 56 8 8.30 a.m

Class 57 27 9.10 class will be divided into 4 classes starting with the over 143cm height. Sub class times will be posted later. Make sure the secretary knows your pony's height if you have entered

Class 58 3 12.45 p.m

Class 59 6 1.10 p.m

Class 60 5 1.50 p.m.

Class 61 1 2.25

Class 62 2 2.45

Class 63 4 3.40



2020 Award for greatest improvement
1st March 2021


In recent years the BSPS area 14 chairman, Anne Lucas, has presented a prize for the young rider that has shown most improvement in they year. For 2020 it went to James Burchell. "He came on so much. From being very wobbly off the lead to jumping in a working hunter pony at the end of the season in a very balanced performance was just amazing to see," said Anne.


See full article


Success in 2020
26th January 2021


Despite a late start and no county shows or RIHS or HOYS several individuals and the BSPS ran lots of shows in late summer and autumn to give us a chance to see some equine old favourites from the area, and some exciting novice faces.


Chloe Chubb brought out two novices. Both picked up a string of firsts and seconds, taking every possible opportunity to get out. Top novice was Shilstone Rocks River Dart (Rio) who was backed by Jo Burchell over the winter and went to a few winter shows originally aiming for the BSPS Winter Champs before we went into lockdown.


In typical Dartmoor fashion it took us a few attempts to start getting everything into gear but he had a great results at the BSPS Summer champs (which felt more like the winters) where he finished second in the novice small breeds class and winner of the Winter novice final. He also went onto claim reserve winter novice champion and was extremely well behaved in big classes and only about his fourth outing. He also went to the NPS Autumn festival where is he second in his pure novice final. Hopefully next year we will be able to continue gaining experience in novice classes and head to the championship shows again.






Her other novice, Popsters Mister Nando, was second in the home produced award. She bought him as a foal, and had a great short season with some really good results at both the BSPS Summer champs and Heritage champs. He finished second in both the winter and open novice at the Summers and then at the heritage again he finished second in the novice class, third in the restricted and fourth in the young pony. He also won our BSPS Area 14 training show and finished second in the novice final at NPS Autumn festival. As well as notching up some good results on the flat he has also turned his hand to some workers and surprised us all by flying round the novice class at the BSPS Heritage and finishing third in a huge class. He has also qualified for the novice at the BSPS winters and we hope to continue doing some workers next year.


Sophie and William Simmonds and Dartmoor Pumphill Brosnan managed a handful of shows, to be the top first ridden performer. Sophie Simmonds said: "We really enjoyed the variety of clinics available. Sophie and Wills were lucky to meet with good friends at local facilities such as East Byshee and Felcourt X country and of course visiting the beach. We hope 2021 will be a little less restrictive but whatever it throws at us, we will still have fun with our ponies."


Other young members to shine were twins Tabitha and Evanthe Hughes, 9. Tabitha has written about her pony Welsh section A, Towergate First Impression who took the mini whp title and home produced title: "Cracker and I have a really good friendship. He is a great pony because he can do lots of things as well as showing. I take him everywhere ponies can go. Even through Covid-19 I have managed to win the same class on him three times - Tiny Tots Working Hunter - at each of the BSPS championship shows (summer champs, working sports pony and heritage champs). I love him."


Springbourne Compas has been with the family for two years. He won the heritage first ridden at Thames Valley Welsh show and he was second in the heritage cradle stakes at Bsps summer champs. Evanthe Hughes, 9, wrote of seven year old Springbourne Compas: "Compas is a great pony for everything! This year he has won many things in lead rein, first ridden and working hunter. I don't know what I would do without him. I wish there were some more shows! Thank you so much Compas for being you!"


The family's other pony was Newoak Star Edition also had an excellent season taking the area 14 lead rein title.


On the plaited worker front Georgia Darlington had a great 2020: "Our year started off brilliantly with my new young intermediate worker Jara (Fiona) winning her first ever open worker, qualifying for Royal International at BSPS Area 6. The next day at BSPS Area 17 my intermediate show riding type DPUK Nighthawk (Barney) owned by Emma Coulstock also won and qualified for the Royal International. Then obviously we went into lockdown.


"While there were no showing shows in the south, I mainly showjumped all summer. Lisa's Dream (Lisa) qualified for the Discovery Final at Aintree where she jumped the 2nd fastest round of the class, unfortunately luck wasn't on our side keeping the fences up and we placed just outside the top 10. But I felt it was a huge achievement to get there on my little pony against all the fancy bred horses! I also qualified her and Fiona both to jump in the main ring at Hickstead in September which was a brilliant experience! Fiona also has qualified for newcomers 2nd rounds and has now stepped up to foxhunter!


"We then went to the BSPS summer champs with Fiona and Barney and had a brilliant show and it was lovely to get back out and see our showing friends again! Fiona had a 3rd, 4th and 5th in her classes and Barney won the 'Best of the best' isrt class!"




Thank you to Ann Brickell
2nd December 2020


After many many years of valuable service to BSPS area 14, Ann Brickell has decided to retire from the committee. Ann who is now in her mid 80s has put 100s of hours of her time in to looking after the showing communities of Sussex, Kent and Surrey.



She has spent much of the time on the committee as chairman, and represented the area at national BSPS meetings. She has great skills as an organiser with huge knowledge and unrivalled contacts in the showing world. Her energy meant she continued to assist with shows and clinics until recently.

Thank you Ann for your commitment to help our showing community.



2020 agm to be on zoom
22nd November 2020


This year we will hold our agm on zoom. It will be 8pm on 26th November.

If anyone would like to attend please email so you can be invited to the zoom meeting.

Points Championship


Sophie Simmonds and Pumphill Brosnan take 2019 title
9th December 2019


M&M first ridden combination Sophie Simmonds and Dartmoor Pumphill Brosnan win most points overall.


Full 2019 points results here.


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